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You don’t have to look far to see that the market is flooded with LED driving lights. So how do you choose
the right one?  Think about where your driving lights are mounted and what they go through over their
lifetime. Crashing through the underbrush while you are out bush bashing, being drowned in water through
every creek and river crossing, ploughing through sand on the beach and every now and then, having to
deal with a stray Skippy. Quality is one of the most important attributes for a product which is going to be
bolted on to one of the most vulnerable parts of your car.

A high quality build is essential to ensure you are getting the most life out of your investment. Housed in the
toughest corrosion resistant alloy composite with ultra-durable polycarbonate lenses, Great Whites are built
to last. Their high quality build is shock rated 60G and vibration rated to 15.6grms. This means that they can
handle all the rough and tough situations that you can throw at them. Corrugations, pot holes and even
rogue wildlife are no match for the strength and quality of Great Whites, so no matter the terrain, your lights
will not leave you in the dark.

Living on the outside of your car, guiding you through rain, mist and even deep water for the extreme four
wheel driver, it is essential that your lights are completely waterproof. Great White’s non-corrosive housing
means they will not suffer in the weather, but they are also completely impenetrable by water and dust,
meaning the insides will stay working as expected. Great Whites are submersible up to three metres, but
they have also passed some pretty rigorous water testing, meaning no matter what you put them through,
you are guaranteed they will remain water tight.

Those who drive for a profession and use driving lights on a regular basis know the difference between
cheap products and quality ones. Those in the know only want to buy a driving light once, and by buying a
reputable brand who stand behind their product for five years, you can be confident that they will perform
for you when needed.

Manufacturing a quality product provides Great Whites the confidence to stand behind their range. We are
so sure that your Great Whites will stand up to whatever test you put them through, we’ve backed them with
a five year warranty. The peace of mind offered by a top quality product cannot be beaten. You have enough
to worry about behind the wheel, put your mind at ease and bolt on some Great Whites with the confidence
that they will light your way, no matter where you take them.

BONUS PRO TIP: A good guide when looking to buy LED lights, is to walk through your local supermarket
car park and look for the lights that have a yellow water mark halfway up the lens, this is a great indication
that they have had a substantial amount of water in them. Water inside the light = problems you don't want.
Terms and
Why Great Whites
Great Whites is one of Australia's best selling aftermarket driving lights, trusted by truck drivers and 4WD
enthusiasts across the country. With a high performance output, long life warranty and outstanding design, it's
not hard to see why.

  • Full Replacement Warranty, 5 years or 50,000 hours.
The light output of Great Whites driving lights is warranted for up to 5 years or 50,000 hours, whichever occurs first.

  • Brighter and Wider Spread than the Rest.
6,000 Kelvin Superior colour spectrum
Great Whites’ cutting-edge LED technology delivers both distance and spread of light in every individual LED.
Gone are the days of mismatched driving lights.

  • Safety
Reduced eye strain, Very low current draw, Improved peripheral vision, Instant on / off, Safety-focused innovation
Advanced design and features that can improve driving safety in every vehicle fitted with Great Whites.

  • Waterproof
    Water proof, Dust proof, Water submersible, Advanced construction in cast alloys.
Great Whites are housed in aluminium for ultimate durability and protection with environmentally sealed Deutsch connectors.
They are submersible up to 3 meters.

  • G-Shock proof
Vibration rated to 21Grms (Gen2) & 15.6Grms (Gen1), Built for any road or track.
Advanced construction protects Great Whites from forces of 15.6G, more than the force felt by a formula 1 driver.
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